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Portrait / Headshot Shooting

I always work to capture your essence while helping you establish a commanding presence.  I work with you to get the best shot.  

Corporate & Industry

I am a creative director, marketer and web designer.  I understand that capturing the right image for the right media is key. I have worked with every industry vertical in Canada and have the experience required to stage and capture photos that are top calibre and intriguing. 

Food & Menu Photography

Lets face it, food is bought using a phone now more than ever.  If you're a restauranteur or an event venue, your menu photos had better do some convincing. 

Entertainment & Artists

I shoot bio pics, behind-the-scenes and performance photos for a range of bands, actors and entertainers.  My focus is on capturing the unique edge of each act, their surroundings and the feeling at that moment.

Event Photography

I've worked in events for a large part of my career.  I have an eye for angles and know how to work in a venue to bring out the most exciting and captivating memories of events of all kinds.

Family Photos

I occassionally shoot family portraits if my schedule allows.

My Services